Competitive Analysis of Gaming Consoles

Over the past two decades, we have seen an elevated production of gaming consoles. The 90’s became the start of something so big that it was going to make SEGA look like garbage. Of course, at that time such games were given top priority as setting foundations for the future. However, the 2000’s became not just an uprising in gaming devices but also the advent of ruthless competition continuing to this day.

Top Branded Consoles

  • Sony

It can be stated, given its past successive run that PlayStation has been a worldwide known console from its first ever PS1 version. It was the top dollar console in the 90’s and drove SEGA out of business with its new controlling system and more reliable graphics. However, it is not their starting point but their new versions of PS2, PS3 & now the pinnacle of Sony’s creation, PS4.

  • Microsoft

As always, competition requires a suitable opponent that can give its predecessor a fear of losing their market. Microsoft entered the console gaming in early 2000 but was unable to make a significant dent in PlayStation’s revenues until the release of Xbox 360 in 2005. A decade later, it astounding how just with one console they have caught up to PlayStation. Xbox Live is on the same front as its long time rival ensuing a frantic struggle to maintain the top contender spot.

Viewing Perception of Consoles

Credit goes to Xbox 360 for introducing a new different style gaming and entertainment setup at the same time. Microsoft actually enabled all functions and features embedded into one full desktop like console that forced PlayStation to follow suit with PS3. People don’t look at this as just a gaming experience; they consider the chance to load, save games, music, videos and even watch their desired channels on the console.

Future of Gaming?

It has become the main reason for the high competition at the present time between the most successful game consoles to date. This has resulted in a quick succession of new features like Kinect and backward compatibility to outshine each other. Clearly, this will be the leading force behind these two brands and every new release will either result in taking it up a notch or down to the depths of history.


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