Review: Blackberry Porsche Design 4G Black

A lot of commotion and debate has come to our attention ever since the news leak of possible shutdown of Blackberry Enterprise in Pakistan. Recently, the government has been focused on intercepting messages from Blackberry users, which they have vehemently and rightly opposed. Considering the level of impact it will have on the business community of this country, considering more than half of them are Blackberry users is a disastrous step. Let’s point out the impressive benefits that come with the usage of Blackberry Porsche Design 4G Black.

Blackberry Design – A Boon For Business

We all know the proper reason for designing the P’9983. It is the epitome of perfection for professionals who regard it as their savior in competing in the market today. Design is necessary to help process the required results with ease; for that a polished design has been created. 3.1” touch screen with such fluid movement capability. For those who considered the Blackberry an oldie version of smart phone: WHO IS OLD NOW!!?

New 3D Keyboard – Main Addition

Let’s face it; the main reason for Blackberry popularity has been its simple usage keyboard. The key placement has been encoded to the thumbprints of every user as they click and send messages away in a jiffy. Blackberry Porsche Design comes with an updated keyboard with 3d effect – along with automatic word correction and insertion.

High Storage – Top Data Collection

When working in a company, it is important to keep time on daily schedules and meetings. For that, storage is required!! A 64GB storage capacity is boasted by the new BlackBerry as it can store a library of documents and files necessary for office or personal work.

Final Analysis

All in all, the finest Blackberry phones to hit the market and is still going strong in spite the other smart phones. It would be a definite shame if Blackberry shuts down its operations in Pakistan; people will definitely lose something special in more places than one.


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