Review & Update: HTC ONE A9 SmartPhone

HTC is once again in the market with the latest Android Marshmallow. Getting this update in an android smartphone is good; in the HTC ONE A9 this is a dream come true. A major feat for the mobile making company that has been getting rave reviews from critics for setting a winning combination. This has been so far the most successful smartphone introduced by this company and that has given them flagship status in the tech industry as a serious contender.

HTC ONE A9 – Awe Inspiring Design

HTC perfected their metal frame body sets by envisioning a sleek and shiny mobile covering. The smooth back plate with intricate glossy covering with white linings is a sophisticated ensemble rarely found in the smartphone industry. The new Gorilla Glass covering is a masterful stroke exemplifying the beauty and safety of the set. HTC One A9 has won hearts all over the world with such scintillating model.

A9 Cameras – The 1080P Spectacle

Mostly, smartphones in the market nowadays claim one great camera and an obsolete back camera. HTC got the fine deal by getting two best high quality cameras on its side.

Main Camera:

Top class 13 MP, auto focus and with a sapphire cover lens. This camera boasts Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to capture moments without any burred effect. Just a click & a flash will save an everlasting memory.

Front Camera:

New technology HTC UltraPixel for optimum focus. Get close selfie images in 1080p quality. Group selfies are now easy to take with the handy outer covering.

Entertainment Screen – Full HD Graphics

The 5 inch LCD screen is the best personal viewing system. Watch all types of videos, movies online to experience the captivating pleasure HTC bring to the table. With the Snapdragon Octa-core, gaming has become a more versatile delight. Play at top speed processing with the immaculate graphic card giving a real life sense to the games.

HTC One A9 is the desirable phone of the year with its limitless features and extended battery life; both of which have garnered mainstream attention and set more eyes on the product.


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