Samsung Wearable Tech: Galaxy Gear S2

The ability Samsung devices to garner attraction cannot be denied. They have increased their sales production yearly and have been top competitors with Apple for a long time. Their android version has always been popular, known to remove restrictions and allow developers to freely express their technical prowess. But with the rise in wearable gadgets going, there is an equal level of demand as to that of Smartphones. Samsung has never backed down from envisioning the future and so their new Galaxy Gear S2 has rocked the tech industry to its core.

Galaxy Gear S2 – Device of 2015

Critics have reigned in on their thoughts and have considered Gear S2 the best gadget Samsung has come out with this year. Despite the release of S6 & S6 Edge, the watch has been largely responsible for competing in the market. Topping the Apple iWatch is no easy feat but this watch has done so by a wide margin due to a number of special features.

Watch Design – Simple yet Powerful

One thing Samsung always takes pride in is its ability to design amazing devices. With Gear S2, there is no exception as it is elegance personified presenting recent technology apps and settings while still keeping the fashionable trend strong. This has allowed for more new Samsung fans that have doubled up their stance in demanding this product as soon as possible.

Multi Level Android Compatibility

One of the main features that set it apart from other gadgets is its complete compatibility to android Smartphones. Samsung has allowed for full connection setup with its android systems along with others that the watch can link up to. Integration of such devices has lead to a major increase in task handling.

No Wiring – Its Wireless Charging

Who says that watches can only tell time? Not only do they act like smartphones more and more every day, they are upping the ante. Samsung Gear S2 brings wireless charging to the front, coming with a charge dock. Just set up the watch and let it charge. No more connecting issues…so long as the Wi-Fi is activated, the watch can be charged anytime and anywhere.

Samsung set itself on a high pedestal rightfully becoming the top wearable tech giant of 2015. It seems they do have a knack for this type of stuff and should continue upgraded versions of Gear S2 going into 2016 and beyond.


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