Xiaomi – Smartphone Leader in China

The world has been so caught up with the success rate of companies like Apple and Samsung, that they were almost blinded to the emergence of Xiaomi. This new China based company has catapulted its way to the top with its unique Smartphone Mi series. In just four years, they have become a profitable venture with billions of dollars of investment linked to their amazing products.

Brand Marketing – Changes in Technique

Xiaomi has set itself based on the promising tech that will lead the industry into the future. This has been the main case for such unprecedented support in China. Rather than expand their network based on other tech companies, they performed various strategies to promote and sell their products. Their key area is development of electronic applications and mobile phones; for that they have employed their own tools for the job. Even the processor chips are being developed at Xiaomi to better incorporate their system’s themes and layout setup.

The Mi Series: The ‘Special’ Smartphones

Ever since 2011, the Mi series has been introduced with the latest Mi4 being the crown jewel. The elegant layout, impressive hardware performance, extraordinary camera results and long life battery; all have been endorsed by the majority if users in China. They have come to the mainstream by lining up the perfect bunch of Smartphones with awesome components at moderate price suitable for buyers.

Xiaomi 2015: Success of the year

With its latest gadgets, Xiaomi did the unthinkable and became the top Smartphone company position holder removing Samsung from the equation. They have even expanded into India being a rejuvenating success. With deals with major e-commerce platforms, they have finally started operating their own store. All of that pales in comparison to the major feat of being a competitive company in the tech industry.


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