Middle Earth Saga – Shadow of Mordor

The collective success of PlayStation and Xbox has given rise to new gaming systems that are highly addictive. As the versions upgraded to finer graphics and scintillating visuals, the previous games that gathered a massive fan following were brought to speed to continue those games in 3D and 4K dimensions. Few games can account for such an honor that stretches past many years and are still going strong in terms of viewership and profits….Except one;

The Tolkein Compendium

It seems amazing that a game of such rank actually got its start from the early 1950’s when J.R. Tolkein, a renowned writer and poet, wrote a fictional journey in a world called Middle Earth. The classic tales are extraordinary; the Silmarillion, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and the list goes on and on. Based on those manuscripts, a director by the name of Peter Jackson strived in the 90’s to bring this story to the big screens. This set in motion a desire in fans to call for video games of these movies.

Video Game – Shadow of Mordor

When it comes to Shadow of Mordor, this genre has highhandedly carried fans from its accomplishments in the movie industry to a whole different realm. After the initial story mode games that related to the movies, Shadow of Mordor is completely different reality; a war game set before Lord of the Rings tells the story of a hardened Ranger coursing through Mordor for a spite of vengeance.

Game Play for the Ages

The game has amazing combat controls which are useful in chopping off heads and limbs of Orc monsters that are heads of those territories. Beat, torture them for information and kill them at your leisure. The game does not disappoint and has gotten enthusiastic reviews from critics and gamers alike. As the game advances, so do the intricate story intertwining the movies characters to their fate. It is without a doubt the best game available on PS4 & Xbox One.


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