Fully Automatic Washing Machine – Samsung (WA90G9DEP/SG)

In domestic house holding activities and functions appliances play an important role. These appliances are electrical devices mostly used by women to perform their home activity tasks more efficiently. There are huge arrays of home appliances present in market, among them washing machines are one of the most demanded home appliance.

Those days are gone when one had to effort every morning to wash, brush and clean clothes by washing with hands, now every home has washing machine facilitating housewives in washing clothes. Newest washing machines are assimilated with advance technology features and functions serving users with different forms of fixed programs intended for various types of washing.

Subject to this home appliance it is very challenging to choose a washing machine best suited to your needs. In this regard key thing to be considered is what your requirements are.

As we all know Samsung is well recognized and most reliable brand in the world of appliances, it has introduced washing machines with countless features. One of most advanced washing machine is Samsung Fully Automatic top load washing machine.

It has the following features;

Dual Storm System

Duple jets of water from pulsators make multi-dimensional water streams, which help to brush dirty clothes without doing any damage to the clothes. Inner storms helps in keeping clothes tangle-free while outer storms use wall edges of machine to create stronger washing board result.

Powerful Drying System

It has powerful drying system that is Air turbo technology which swirls powerfully and so swiftly to give you best drying with time saving.

Filter with Silver Ions

It has magic filter coated with silver ions for an anti-bacterial results, giving your clothes a healthy wash.

Safe and Effective Design

It has been designed ergonomically; one-sided control panel display can be accessed easily and conveniently to wash loads of laundry.

Technical Features

Other technical features include the following;

  • It has washing capacity of 8.5kg
  • Stainless steel tub.
  • Transparent window
  • Water level upto 4
  • Child lock
  • Delay start

It has been available in warranty, 1Year for parts while 10 years for motor.

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Undergo best online shopping with us and buy Samsung fully automatic washing machine (WA90G9DEP/SG) in just PKR 29,999.


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