Phone With Cutting Edge Features – Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7

Every New Year is bringing changes in all fields of life because of rising technologies, among all other fields telecommunications is the fastest growing industry especially with respect to mobile phones. Now almost every person can be seen talking about the mobile phones, their features, styles and designs. In mobile phones industry Samsung is the leading brand delivering luxurious and influential mobile phones every year. It is very famous because of its user friendly features. If we talk about the latest phone to date by Samsung; it is the Samsung Galaxy S7. It is very artistically designed and worthy featured smartphone this year.

This smartphone is laced up with most advanced features and immediately after its arrival it is getting boom in market. Following are the worthy features of this phone;

Irrepressible Hard Body – Water Resilient

No one can live without water as well as his smartphone, that’s the reason why Galaxy S7 has hard and fixed body. It prevents your phone from any damage that may result due to falls, splashes and from dunks. Stay calm and comfortable while using it.

Comprehensive Memory – Expandable

It teases when you are using smartphone and after some time it shows storage running out of memory, there is no such thing in Galaxy S7. It has 32GB2 enough for your data usage, further you can add 200GB memory card (microsSD). No need for clouds and hard drives.

Smart Design – Smooth and Stylish

It has big screen with sleek and slim design, very comfortable to hold it, as it fits perfectly to anyone’s palm of hand over all it looks stylish.

Camera – Dual Pixel Technology

It has low-light camera to capture memorable passing by moments instantly with just single click. It is the first smartphone with having dual pixel technology, very fast autofocus so that you can get high quality image, Say goodbye to blurry images. It has very advanced and progressive sensors for catching particulars even in low light.

Battery- Instant Wireless Charging

With Galaxy S7 you do not have to wait for hours to charge your phone, in it you have instant wireless charging feature. With fast charge wireless charging pad you can get your phone charged promptly, so you do not have to stop your operation. It has biggest battery life fueling you to keep going.

Operating System – Latest Android to Date

It is powered with cutting-edge android Marshmallow operating system, which means your battery will not ruin for those apps you are not using. It has all advanced features like now on Tap, very smart technology that allows you to go ahead freely.

Easy & Secure Transactions – Samsung Pay

This app helps you to make payments securely and easily through Samsung pay app. It is one of prominent feature never offered by other mobiles before.

Other Specifications

  • It has display size 5.1inches.
  • Rear Camera 12MP while front camera 5MP
  • Operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Battery 3000mAh
  • Water resistant IP68 Certified.


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