Maira Ahsan Summer Collection 2016


Maira Ahsan has launched her pure chiffon collection for 2016 in collaboration with ZS textiles. ZS is Pakistan’s leading textile brands and if they have collaborated with Maira Ahsan then they must have come forward with clothing line of great quality, undoubtedly. The luxurious chiffon collection by Maira Ahsan is beautiful and does justice to the expertise of the designer.

This is not the first time that Maira Ahsan has given us such a beautiful collection. In the past she has come out with beautiful dresses specially designed for women to wear on Valentine’s Day keeping in mind the requirements of such an occasion. Her embroidered collection also gained a lot of popularity. Her name is one of the most acclaimed styles and fashion brands under the umbrella of ZS textiles.

Maira Ahsan understands what women want when it comes to women apparel. That is why her clothing line is so popular among the fashion – sensed ladies of Pakistan. Her designs are unique and at the same time, they are quite engaging and attractive. Her embroidered collection has especially been appreciated by the women from all walk of life across Pakistan. The embroidered patterns, colors and embellishments used in her clothes make them different and appealing to women. Her newest success is her pure chiffon collection for 2016. This collection consists of embroidered three piece chiffon suits.

Lately many brands have come forward with their chiffon collections but none of them is as crafty and as beautiful as that of Maira Ahsan. For the ladies out there who want to look good and trendy, should give her collection a chance. It is being expected by the fashion industry; Maira Ahsan will definitely go a long way with her exceptional ability to give Pakistani women what they want. Do not miss her pure chiffon collection exclusively available at the most discounted prices at


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