Charizma Summer Lawn Collection 2016


Fashion fraternity and enthusiasts are thrilled with the kind of fashion Charizma has introduced in the Pakistan’s fashion industry. Charizma knows the perfect art of combining traditional style with western trends and roll out the trending fashion. One common attribute that is seen in Charizma designs is that the selection of colors is mostly towards brighter side. The designs are mostly vivacious and Charizma has dressed with quite a modern texture and touch.

Charizma’s distinction lies in its designing sense which is very original and one cannot spot neglection in its designs. Charizma creates designs which modern day women would appreciate. This is the reason why women willingly embrace their designs and want to see the latest collection as soon as they can. Charizma has showcased its dresses in many exhibitions and fashion shows, and won the hearts of all the fashion enthusiasts with the distinctive fashion sense and style of designing. Charizma is undeniably one of the most prominent names in the Pakistani fashion industry.

For those who want to learn about fashion and follow fashion trends should check Charizma’s designs and dresses. Charizma represents the modern day Pakistani woman who is strong, powerful and knows what sort of fashion suits her. Over the last few years, Charizma has gained massive popularity which is mostly because of is embroidered collections. Charizma creates unstitched three piece suits for all the seasons and also for special occasions like Eid. Recently, Charizma has launched its summer embroidered collection 2016 that is amazingly available against the most discounted prices at

Charizma embroidered lawn is divided into two types of clothes, the traditional neckline embroidered ones and the heavy multi-bunched embroidered ones. The summer collection launched by Charizma is rich in colors. Beautiful color combinations and contrasts and intricate embroidery makes Charizma lawn suits stand out from other brands. Charizma lawn suits are suitable to wear in family gatherings, parties and even in special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. These lawn suits are so heavily embroidered that they do not require additional embellishments.


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