Credible Drone Camera by DJI


Effortless flying is just a single tap away from you! Surely, if you want to fly just tap now and you are up in the air. Just pursue your dream and double tap the drone device; you will be right in air without any other hurdle. Keeping this secret open in front you, the device is named as DHI phantom 4, the most recent drone camera introduced by DJI.

Ease of Tracking

Dissimilar to all other previous version form DJI, this drone camera has painless features; it is very easy to track your moving object through ActiveTrack, just turn on POI to round mark your object or bring it in frame by dragging.

Simple Control and Speeding

It has magnesium core for agility helping you to get complete control on the drone and can achieve maximum speed to shot aerial images of sports like running, cycling and so on.

Various Flight Options

Would you like to have a smooth flight ride! Well, now is the time to design your flight mode with versatility. Since, the latest piece gives you full fledge options to navigate the flight mode with custom speed, intelligence, and detection.

Optimum Aerial Imaging Quality

With high performing camera, you will get optimum-notch film making quality of up to 4K, 1080p full HD along with thirty frames per second.

Dynamic Following System

It has very dynamic and active object following artificial intelligence system, never been offered before by any other drone. Through this it automatically follows the desired object as far as it is in the sight frame.

Flight Location System

It has very intelligent flight locating system in connection with GPS and GLONASS it connect with satellite quickly and locate itself accurately.

Log Maintenance and Data Isolation System

For all your flight records to check back, log details of flights are maintained. It also has DCM and IMUs known as data isolation system, it enables phantom to check data without any interruption in flight., the fastest growing online shop in Pakistan, offering very economical prices for DJI Phantom 4 4K quadcopter. For any query feel free to ask now.


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