Top 3 Wrist Apparel Brands For Men

It is not a myth anymore that men tend to follow fashion industry as much as women of today’s world. Males have been found equally conscious and aware of latest fashion trends being followed across the world. In order to make a good impression, men tend to follow different options while dressing up gently. However, according to a recent study, the fact has been revealed that men do prefer to wear a classy wrist – apparel along with different fashion outfits as the trendy accessory. It must has raised the eye – brows of many men out there who didn’t give a second though to watches while maintaining a gentleman’s persona.


For some times, trendy laptops and smart gadgets were considered to be the ideal accessories for men but time has changed a lot. In fact, the history has taken the men back to ancient times but with a style and bang of trendy touch.  Now are the days when wearing luxurious wrist watches by men expose their lifestyle, taste, mood, personality and uniqueness without even uttering a single word in self – praise.

Keeping in mind the latest fashion trends being followed by men, brings you the list of top – notch wrist apparel brands that have given an entire new identity to gentlemen.


Undoubtedly, a famous name when it comes to luxurious wrist apparel for men. Rolex is not only the name of trendy wrist watches for men but a class, symbol, and art signaling pride and success. Back in 1905, founded and established gradually, Rolex started to develop state – of – the – art men’s watches from Switzerland since 1919. According to some official report, 3500+ watches by Rolex are being designed on daily basis. This is the factor that Rolex stands at the top of the chart for luxurious men’s wrist watches brands.

Notable Wearers: Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Tom Hanks.

Tag Heuer:

Yet again a classy men’s wrist apparel brand by Switzerland. It has a successful history of over two centuries in the “clicking” industry. Originally founded by Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG back in 1860, it was later acquainted by TAG Group Holdings. In late 90s, the brand was acquired by a famous French outlet known to be the best when it comes to luxurious goods, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.

Notable Wearers: Steve McQueen, Lewis Hamilton, Brad Pitt


It would be no wrong to say that Omega has created the vibes of having the crave of luxurious wrist watches among the men. It has deeply revolutionized the fashion sense among men and especially diverted their attention towards classy wrist apparel. This was one of the innovative initiatives By Omega that has taken the brand all along the way up to moon. Since then, it never looked back and is said to be the most – luxurious, trendy, classy and appealing men’s wrist watches brand of all times.

Notable Wearers: Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, George Clooney



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