Latest Camcorders in Stark Contrast to Traditional Giant Cameras


For the confused people out there having different definitions regarding consumer camcorders out there, a video recorder unit when gets combined with a video camera is simply said to be a camcorder. However, when it comes to perfect definition – in fact, the equipment manufacturers do possess multiple explanations in this regard. All in all, in contrast to the traditional VHS cameras which were cassette – based back in 1980s, the consumer camcorders of today are not only feature – filled but slim, sleek, and smart in terms of comfort and hand – grip.

Long before the advent of smartphones, the only affordable video production option was camcorder of old times. With the passage of time, and advancement in technology, camcorders started to revolutionize itself at large and now we have come to know dozens of multiple options with which optimum video – making quality can be achieved. From DSRLS, mirror less cameras, to consumer camcorders – all are the spree of technological advancement of recent years.

The question that comes to very mind is, how come camcorders be different to each other when they are such small in size and handy? Well, camcorders can be differentiated on the basis of its configuration. In general, there are basically three major components that ultimately defines the quality and worth of a consumer camcorder, namely

  • Lens
  • Imager
  • Recorder

When it comes to the camcorder’s optics, there are multiple features that are meant to be adjusted according to the given circumstances in order to extract the best quality out of the camera. Some features that can impact your overall video making abilities are:

  • Setting of Iris or aperture in order to regulate the exposure
  • Control of field depth
  • Able to handle focal length
  • Angle of view should be appropriate
  • Desired motion portrayal
  • Shutter speed

These are some of the very important factors that can ultimately amplify the natural density of the overall video quality even under low – lightning conditions provided that you do have a techy – hand in terms of controlling the consumer camcorders.

The second most important factor that defines the class of a camcorder is certainly the Imager. It basically converts the light into an electric signal. The working phenomenon goes by the line that lens basically projects the electric signal onto the imager exposing the array of photosensitive light. At the end of the phenomenon, the process then gets converted into analog voltage at imager’s out terminals.

As far as the recorder is concerned, it is mainly concerned with the writing of video signals. Generally, the medium that is used to write and store such signals is said to be Magnetic Videotape. However, the technical aspect of record function includes multiple stages of working phenomenon. However, the latest camcorders being released by the leading brands like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Vivitar are setting – up additional hardware changes in order to cut the surrounding noise and other environmental distortion in order to uplift the video quality.

All in all, it would be no wrong to say that camcorders are currently in the trending swings, especially for the people who are fond of photography and video making. For more information regarding any product, call our Customer Support Department and you’ll be guided to the best of our extent. brings you a wide range of video camcorders at the most nominal prices in Pakistan that you’ll be unable to find even in physical retail stores.


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