Picking Out The Right Shaped Frame – Men’s sunglasses


Nowadays, men are interested in fashion as much as women are. This is the reason why so many brands are coming out with fashion accessories for men. With summers fast approaching, one of the fashion accessories that everyone forgets about during winters are sunglasses. Right sunglasses are actually a year round necessity. Sunglasses also known as sun specs or shades are a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. Sunglasses are also one of the major accessories when it comes to men’s fashion. Depending upon your choice, sunglasses can take you from casual to trendy and from cool to classy.

Not only do sunglasses have a very practical use, they also play an elemental role in putting together your summer look. While spending your days out in the sun, sunglasses can protect your eyes from the harsh and bright sunlight along with safety from ultraviolet rays. There are so many brands which have come out with stylish sunglasses styles by experimenting with lens colors and frame shapes and material. There are some very old and classis sunglasses styles that men of all ages prefer as well as some new and trendy styles now available in the market. Some of the most classic styles of glasses include browline, aviator, round, sport, retro square and cat eye. Wayferer are also very in and very stylish. The term wayfarer was introduced by Ray ban and is its signature sunglasses look. Though many other brands now use the term wayfarer for a specific kind of glasses.

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Some of the old brands for men’s sunglasses create the most stylish and fashionable men’s sunglasses. Brands like Tom Ford, Carrera, Parada, Gucci, Ray-Ban, D&G, Urban Specs and Fendi are the top most brands in the men’s sunglasses market. These brands are famous not only for their stylish sunglasses but also for factoring in comfort when creating eyewear. These brands are famous all over the world. But as much style and comfort they offer, they are pretty heavy on the pocket too. The good thing about these brands is that tough they cost pretty penny, they last longer and then again, they are brands which super starts and celebrities shop from.

It is always recommended to choose sun glasses according to the shape of a person’s face. Yes, you cannot just randomly choose frames that you like though if you did, there is no one stopping you but be warned that they might not suit you as much as do on another person’s face. The shape of a Peron’s face defines the kind of frame and glasses that will suit him. There are many websites which assist people in narrowing down the kind of frame styles that will suit anyone. There are frames that will set off your features and highlight your best feature on your face and then there are those that can make your face look puffy or any such uncomplimentary thing. First you need to figure out the shape of your face, whether it is oval, round, square, or heart shape. Heart shaped face has a narrow pointed chin, so any glasses that are wider on the top work well for heart shaped face. Square shaped face has wide cheekbones and strong jawline, so select glasses which soften the look. Like the no so heavier frames or completely rimless ones. All kinds of glasses go with an oval face and for a round shaped face rectangular and oversized frames work best.

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