Wearable gadgets

The future belongs to technology. And within the broad field of technology, the wearable technology is one field which is growing at an exponential rate and many of us have not fathom its uses and benefits. Wearable gadgets are the next big thing that can revolutionize the way we live our everyday lives. Wearable devices are also called body borne computers. Wearable devices or gadgets are accessories which incorporate advanced computing and electronic technology. These gadgets include head mounted gadgets and wrist mounted gadgets. Wearable technology is not just a fantasy for normal people. With the huge advancement in the field of wearable tech, these devices are now accessible to people albeit against a good price.

Applications of Wearable Gadgets

  • Wearable gadgets can be worn:
  • As a part of fashion statement
  • As communication device
  • As media tool gadget
  • As a navigation tool
  • For monitoring health factors like heartbeat or pulse
  • For synchronization communication or data with other tech devices
  • As a sports tracker
  • For monitoring activity

Fitness, Healthcare and Wearable Gadgets

The greater than before adoption of wearable technology in health and fitness industry has led to the innovation and creation of numerous wearable gadgets for the monitoring of fitness, wellness and healthcare issues. Some of the most evolving wearable gadgets evolving in the healthcare and fitness industry include the following:

  • Food pod pedometer; it measures steps taken, speed and distance covered
  • Sleep sensor; it tracks the sleeping pattern of a person who wears it while sleeping
  • Fuel bands; they track, measure and monitor everyday activity

Continuous glucose monitoring; this is definitely an amazing gadget as it is one of the most commonly used non-invasive methods of monitoring glucose levels of a person thus eliminating the need for invasive glucose monitoring.

  • Sensory fitness socks; these feed data to connected devices by communicating through Bluetooth powered anklet.

Most Popular Wearable Gadgets

Though all wearable devices have their own uses and are essential in their own way, there are some gadgets which have created a lot of hoopla among the tech geeks and users even before they were launched in the market.

The most awaited and popular wearable gadget of all times has been the Google Glass. Google Glass attained a lot of media attention. It is an optical head mounted display in the shape of eye glasses. The main idea behind creating Google Glass was to create a display with smartphone like information view with hands free ubiquitous computer. Due to safety and privacy issues, Google stopped mass sale of Google Glass earlier in 2015 but claims to further study and develop the device for improved usage.

In the last couple of years, smart watches have also gained massive popularity. The reason for their popularity is that they provide infotainment; a combination of information and entertainment. Smart watches have full mobile phone capabilities. Most smart watches include GPS navigation system, multimedia, bluetooth, mobile applications, camera and activity trackers. These smart watches operate on mobile operating systems.

Wearable technology is still in the process of development and so are the wearable gadgets. At the moment, none of the wearable devices the turnaround test, which is like if you are on your way somewhere and left the wearable device behind, you wouldn’t turn around to go back and get the device. But these gadgets are associated with so many great benefits like the convenience of using it anywhere, the smaller size, easily portable, quick accessibility and a fashion statement. It is anticipated that wearable gadgets will be integrated more into everyday life as the field expands and encompasses everyday use of such tech.


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