Dry Iron vs. Steam Iron – What’s The Best That Work Great!

There was a time we felt like slob. We had no idea about any household chores but now that we live in such an updated world, we finally have a hang on them. You could be in the same boat as many others used to be when they had no idea about things such as irons. You might not know if you should go for a dry iron or a steam iron, but after this informative piece, you might find yourself in a place where you can share this knowledge with other newbies!


The Basic Difference

A dry iron is the sort of iron that is heavy and does not produce steam on its own. Its only feature is that you can adjust its temperature. You can use different temperatures for different fabrics.

A steam iron on the other hand produces steam of its own. It is known as the modern iron. You basically fill it up with water which produces the steam. In this Iron, you can adjust the temperature and the amount of steam it releases. Again, different fabrics require different amount of steam and different temperatures.

What is better?

Did you end up buying a steam Iron? Well, It seemed like the better choice. Equipped with the latest technology, lighter and cheaper what more could you ask for. The Iron worked great at first but eventually it started leaving stains on the clothes and when you did a little research and you found out that sometimes the holes for steam get clogged and that ends up leaving stains on your clothes. Now, there’s no need to worry any since there’s a liquid to clean up the iron. It will start working just fine again. However, the whole process seemed tedious. The iron would sometimes stick on clothes and it had to be cleaned again. Here’s something interesting for the stains. Moms used to tell that we can use table salt and warm iron and iron over the salt and anything sticking to the bottom of the iron will be removed with the help of the salt. Then, discovered there are other fabrics such as silk that do not go well with steam irons. However, the whole point is eventually you may see the faults in this modern technology and this is the reason people still stick to dry irons.

As Dry Irons are generally heavier, they work wonders when you have to iron something formal or when you need to make a crease in your pants. You may need to use a spray bottle at times to make your clothes wet and produce the same effect that a steam iron would produce but that is worth the trouble. At least I do not have to worry about stains on my clothes and I can iron with ease. I also do not have to buy a separate cleaning liquid to unclog the holes in my iron.

Needless to say, the verdict lies with the dry iron. Although the iron can be heavy but it definitely has a better end result with fewer complications. You may call it old fashioned but we bet you would stick with a dry iron if you try it out.


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