Samsung J Series: A Review

Samsung J series is known as the real 4G phone and for good reasons the phone has a data compressing ability and claims to cut down your data usage by 50% while you stream videos online and 40% while using shopping apps and news apps and reduces your data usage by 30% while you are browsing. The J series is equipped with android Lollipop. This is a great feature and makes your 4g usage economical. This goes well with the low and midrange J series. The phone also has other features that make it worth your spending. The camera has multiple settings and works well while taking pictures even at night. The Super AMOLED display is another feature that distinguishes it from its counterparts. The phone is also great for selfie lovers as it is equipped with a flash on the back as well as the front! Let’s look at these phones one by one as they differ in their prices as well as their features.

Galaxy J2

The phone has a plastic body but looks quite similar to s5. The difference is that it has a plain back but let’s be honest… All you need to do is put a cover on it. The screen is 4.7 inch with a 960X540 resolution. The super AMOLED display makes the screen quality amazing. However, it is quite a cheap phone and lacks substantially when it comes to its quad-core processor which does make the phone lag at times. Its 2MP front camera and 5MP back camera is another feature which may disappoint some. However, in such price range, you cannot be expecting much more from a Samsung set. It has a 1 GB RAM and has 8GB internal memory which can be extended  up to 128GB with a micro SD card. The phone like many other Samsung sets is also Dual-Sim. It is packed with a 2000 mAh battery which has enough capability to give you sufficient talk time.


Galaxy J5

Galaxy J5 is a major upgrade from its counterpart with faster processing, better camera and even a longer lasting battery. The phone has 5 inch display and a 1.2 GHz Quad core processor. The main upgrade which is its camera has a 5 MP front camera and a 13MP back camera. The video can also be recorded at a much higher quality and records in full HD (920X1080) @ 30 frame per second. The battery is a 2600 mAh giant and can last you for more than a day (depending on your usage). This phone is also Dual-Sim which is a great feature the people trying to handle multiple networks at a single screen.


Galaxy J7

Galaxy J7 is obviously yet another upgrade to the J5. However, the differences are not major. There are fewer differences between J5 and J7. The major difference is obviously of the appearance as the phone has a 5.5 inch display so it is a bit larger. The phone is obviously also equipped with a bigger battery i.e 3000 mAh but that is equally being used by a screen of that size with a super AMOLED display. The phone has some of the best features that can be possessed by any leading smartphone in such price range and can be easily mistaken for one of the more expensive phones in the Galaxy series.


The phone has received positive reviews from most critics however people do believe that it has some flaws and there’s enough room still available for betterment. The fact is though; the phone is quite popular in Pakisatn and India alike. All in all, it would be no wrong to say that the J series has made its impact.


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