Unavoidable Summertime Accessory for Men – Sunglasses


With the arrival of summertime we are all thinking about a particular accessory which we have forgotten during the months of winter, namely sunglasses, shades and sunnies. Especially men use this accessory with love and style because they have to travel and go outside throughout the day for office or for other tasks. During day time in summer sharp sunlight affects eyes and vision and sunglasses prevents you from getting any harm. As far as the style of a sunglass is concern, men and fashion go together.

With newly emerging fashion trends there are numerous styles available for men sunglasses from famous brands so that a man can choose and pick easily the right fit for his face. Yet if you are going to buy a stylish sunglass for you, consider the following essential things;

How to Choose Perfect Sunglasses

Your Face Size: The first thing is to measure and identify you face size for better fitting of shades, it includes measuring width of your forehead, jaw line etc

Your Face Shape: Determine your face shape whether it is round, rectangular, square or oval.

Finally decide shades style, at this point you can easily pick the perfect match for your face.

Major Kinds by Functionality

Modernly sunglasses have the following major classification according to their functions;

Polarized Sunglasses

These are sunglasses; their lenses are filtered with chemical to absorb horizontal waves of light and only allowing vertical waves to pass through. These are very protective for your eyes especially prevent you from the high brightness of sunlight.

Non-Polarized Sunglasses

These are sunglasses having non polarized lenses; they have dark shades that actually reduce the intensity of sunlight brightness while they cannot take into account the effects of horizontal light waves.

Latest Styles Available in Digital Markets – Top 5

Butterfly: Its shape looks like as that of a butterfly, these are generally oversized and cover larger area of your face from sun rays. It has temple width and height. It is best for persons with having sized nose because these sunglasses draw attention away.

Aviator: These sunglasses have distinctive features like metal frame teardrop shaped lenses and simple colors. Popularized by pilots and then by security personnel.

Square: These are best for round and narrow faced persons to get a fashion look. It adds some size to beef up the jaw.

Wayfarer: it has traditional classic shape that is is best for all kinds of faces.

Wrap: It is very light weight and stream-lined sunglasses, perfect for athletes. Its shape and design increases the aerodynamic properties of the face.

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