Best Addition for Your Kitchen – Electric Kettles

Hot tea, no doubt is becoming the most favorite drink across the world to stay active and tireless. In cold weather there is no alternative of tea to stay warm especially with your hands enfolded around a hot cup. Even though so many kitchen appliances are there to heat water for tea and other drinks, mostly people love to use tea kettles to get it done properly.

Electric kettles are the best way of making delicious tea, it helps you doing it conveniently and speedily. If you are considering the best electric kettle for your kitchen it is not easy task to decide from many kinds and brands available in the market. In contrast to this right information about features and functions can make it bit easier.

Here, for the best of your knowledge we are going to discuss top three electric kettles those are very prominent with respect to features, functions, handling and pricing. Now you do not have to wander here and there to get appropriate information. We are going to discuss top three selling kettles and there features why people are liking them the most;

Siemens Electric Kettle – TW911P2:


It is becoming very famous as Siemens has amalgamated best features in one for the user convenience. It has capacity 1.5Litres with automatic steam stop and shut off when lid open. It has overheating protection for user, multi-dimensional base and 360 degree center connector and non-reactive concealed stainless steel base. Other features are illuminated button in blue, removable jug, water level indicator, lid lock, removable stainless steel fill in the spout. It is available in very consumer loving price.

Philips Electric Kettle – HD9300/02:


It is the kettle available in very low prices, and you will get satisfying value of your money. It has very fast and easy boiling of water with flat heating element. Anti –calc filter gives you clear water. It can be lifted and placed easily with pirouette base. Water level indicators help you to read and reach your desired level perfectly. Major thing is that you can get all these features in very low price.

Kenwood Electric Kettle – JKP210:


This famous brand is bringing the right kettle for you with plastic body material, removable filter, 21.5L x 16.0W x 24.5H size, power consumption 2.2kW, capacity 16 liters. It is of very handy and compact design, perfect for smaller living places. It has eco 1 cup measurement, concealed element with cordless attribute.

Bottom Line:

Having a delicious cup of hot tea before bed or in the morning is the love of many people out there, with having perfect electric kettle to heat water quickly makes it more enjoyable. Any of the above kettles can be a best addition in your kitchen. These are all laced up with convenient features for users. If you are almost ready to buy it just go through category page at offering electric kettles at best prices in Pakistan.


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