Ghostbusters Game for Xbox One


Ghostbusters game for xbox one is actually the reboot of movie Ghostbusters, released in the first quarter this year. This movie had got much praise and fame as many people enjoyed movie plot with new direction and overall fresh dynamics. Alike numerous video games those are based on movies, Ghostbusters game is also the release for horror game fans to enjoy the escape and fight with ghosts.

Intro at the Beginning

At the beginning of game there is a brief mention of cast and characters, they are actually not the same as that of movie, still you will enjoy the theme and startup. If you are super fan of Ghostbusters, you will enjoy the plot and jokes will make you smile. Still you will have some ghosts familiar with that in movie plus absolutely excellent Ray Parker Jr melody.


Gameplay, Weapons and Plot

After selecting the first level the game starts with four new Ghostbusters all on the screen while you control one of the four, moving to numerous rooms and destroying ghosts actually taking you to the huge boss ghost to trap. It is very decent concept and very interesting to go. If you talk about weapons, one character has couple of pistols in his hands, another has mini-gun, third one has shot-gun and the final has attacking rifle. One of the game`s good feature is the proton packs, available to capture spooks. Another addition is the PKE meter; you can use it for uncovering all of runes and secrets. The game moves with normal pace so that you can clear levels calmly by combing all the ghosts at front or hidden. This game has been established for couch multiplayers and you can enjoy it a lot with friends.

This is gonna entertainment Ghostbusters lovers at highest and they will surely get a kick out after playing this game. Characters, plot and theme all seems sound and interesting.

Bottom Line:

In Pakistan, this game is available at different stores online or offline still is the online store in Pakistan presenting Ghostbusters for Xboxone at very low prices. If you are nearly reached your decision to buy it, feel free to contact us via online order. We will precede your request with free shipping across the country.


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